About RotoVR


Roto VR™ Ltd is a London-based company founded in March 2015 to improve the virtual and augmented reality experience. 

Our Vision

People will soon work, play and interact with one another in immersive digital world as part of everyday life. Our goal is to help build that future.

The Problem

Our starting point, is that most people would rather sit down to watch a movie, play a game, work or shop etc.  Our instinct is that people's preference wouldn't change just because of VR.

But as VR is displayed in 360-degrees, it creates a number of challenges, for example a seated user doesn't tend to physically turn around because it requires effort, or because they would otherwise get tangled in cables.  Instead seated users adopt techniques such as teleportation to look and move around (or else they would get motion sickness) but teleportation is illusion-breaking, unnatural and confusing.  In short, seated VR is not a good experience, yet this would be most people's preference.

Our solution

We are excited because Roto sidesteps these problems by auto-turning the user to wherever they look, intuitively, effortlessly, tangle-free and hands-free. Plus we add haptics to complete the immersion.

The hands-free part is important too, because we believe VR will soon offer a productivity leap beyond what is possible with 2D screens, and a physical keyboard will likely remain an essential device (Quest 2 just got keyboard support).  Roto's desktop accessory allows people to continue using their keyboard at all times, even whilst roaming around in 360 degrees.

Thank you for reading - and whatever your purpose is with VR, we hope to see you in the metaverse one day (perhaps on a Roto).

 Meet the Team​​

Elliott Myers


Andrew Wolfson


Joanna Miller

Office Manager and PA

Sam Barkaway

Business Development Manager

Gavin Waxkirsh


Jan Fabritius


Rebekah Ward

Customer Support Manager

Jon Middleton

Business Development Consultant

Brad Channer


Eriks Kuzovs

Operations and Logistics Manager

Christoff Steenkamp

Developer Relations Manager

Harry Holmwood

Commercial Consultant