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About RotoVR


Roto VR™ Ltd, a London-based company, was founded in March 2015 to improve the virtual reality and augmented reality experience. CEO Elliott Myers, who previously developed the award-winning Gametrak product (the first true 3D games controller), realised virtual reality and augmented reality have a long way to go in terms of fully immersing the user in the digital world. RotoVR, the dedicated interactive chair, was the first innovation to come from Roto VR Ltd and now we have just announced Pulse.

Our Vision

People will soon work, play and interact with one another in VR as part of everyday life. We intend to be there every step of the way.

For now, Roto is an important innovation that addresses some of the essential challenges for widespread VR adoption.

1. Users need to be able to sit down comfortably to engage with VR​

Roto offers effortless 360-degree exploration with head-tracked-motorised-turns which addresses the problems of locomotion and motion sickness whilst seated, whilst also enhancing the immersive experience with haptic (vibration) feedback

2. Visual representations need to be photo-realistic with lightweight headsets​

Roto maintains the power and communication cables from the PC to the headset, even whilst turning continuously in 360 degrees, meaning that high quality visuals can be delivered to the user without headsets requiring cumbersome components such as batteries, graphics cards and fans etc

3. Productivity with a 3D-screen needs to trump what is possible with a 2D-screen​

Roto's motorised hands-free turns combined with the Roto VR Desktop offers seamless connectivity with motion controllers, keyboards and cameras. Roto is the only productive solution whilst journeying in 360 degrees.

The intelligent and interactive Roto VR chair addresses the needs of the current VR/AR market, as well as what is to come.


Meet the Team​​

Elliott Myers


Andrew Wolfson


Joanna Miller

Office Manager and PA

Sam Barkaway

Business Development Manager

Gavin Waxkirsh


Jan Fabritius


Rebekah Ward

Customer Support Manager

Jon Middleton

Business Development Consultant

Brad Channer


Eriks Kuzovs

Operations and Logistics Manager

Christoff Steenkamp

Developer Relations Manager

Harry Holmwood

Commercial Consultant


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"There's so much to Roto. We ultimately wanted to solve the problems of consuming 360-degree content whilst seated, whilst also adding massive immersive value to every kind of VR experience.

We give people the ability to explore 360 degrees without exerting any physical energy. We have resolved locomotion for a seated user and addressed motion sickness. Teleportation (a common but unintuitive method to move around in VR) and artificial rotations (which induce motion sickness) are no longer necessary evils to experience the full panorama of this incredible new medium.

Our haptic (vibration) sensations also add so much presence, it really makes you feel like you're there, in the experience. Plus there's so much more...


Internal tracking of the chair combined with a powerful integrated motor enables developers and movie directors to create new types of interactive experiences never seen before. We also integrated Touch Pedals into every Roto, so now 'walking' is possible in VR whilst comfortably seated. Our desktop brings keyboards into 360-degree VR for the first time, which is something we're really excited about. Now VR can be productive! And there's so much more still...

We're so excited to finally be bringing Roto VR to market and can't wait to see what new types of content will be created with-and-for Roto. If you're a developer, please do get in touch."


Elliott Myers, Founder of Roto VR


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