Gaming just changed forever

Welcome to next generation gaming.  An incredible experience here at Westfield, London.

This week:  Take a rollercoaster ride whilst shooting targets (!) at the spectacular Rock Falls or awe-inspiring Snow Falls in glorious 360 degrees with the fully interactive Roto VR chair.

Ride solo or bring a friend with you and play collaboratively.  Shoot targets to win a prize* (yes, you can win a Roto!)

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What is Roto?

Roto is the very latest in gaming technology, a truly next generation experience that delivers 360-degree immersion with the latest VR headsets and games.

Roto is the first seated product to offer intuitive and effortless 360-degree exploration whilst also massively enhancing the experience with immersive haptic (vibration) technology.

How does it work?

The Roto VR chair auto-turns to wherever you look – it’s magical and truly ground-breaking.

In-built haptic sensors are built within the seat and provide a deep sense of immersion.

Be first to experience total immersion at home

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Or pay over 3 months with Paypal Pay-in-3

  • £499 per month

Or split payment weekly over 6 weeks with LayBuy

  • £249 per week


* We are just setting this up - please come back soon.