Motorised Turns

Explore like never before


Roto VR's intelligent Headtracker combined with it's integrated motor offers effortless and fully immersing viewing in 360-degrees.

Wherever you look, Roto will auto-turn your chair to the most comfortable viewing position.

Take a Ride

Imagine flying through an asteroid belt, or riding the twists and turns of a roller coaster.


With the Roto VR chair, movie directors and game developers can take us on incredible journeys through a 360 degree narrative.

The Roto VR chair is like a theme park ride in your living room.


Cockpit Games

Many PC-VR experiences are flying or driving games which (currently) fix the user to one facing direction, which we call cockpit-type experiences.


In the future, we hope to see these cock-pit games integrate with Roto's internal tracking to allow fully immersive 360-degree experiences with steering wheels and joysticks.

In the meantime, the Roto VR chair is compatible with these existing titles through it's innovative Cockpit Mode. Simply select 'Cockpit Mode' from Roto's PC Utility program and transform your Roto VR chair into an arcade simulator.

In Cockpit Mode, Roto's rotations are limited to 30 degrees so you're always facing the correct direction and turning is tied to your gamepad's analogue joystick, steering wheel or HOTAS.

Make a Ride

Record, Save and Play your own 360 degree journey.

The content could be your own Go Pro footage, or any 360 degree content you like.

We welcome you to share the experiences you create via our share site (coming soon).

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