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Roto VR in Korea

Together with our Korean partners ULG we demonstrated some pre-production samples in Seoul at the excellent VR Summit expo.

Here's a short video showing Roto working in both Headtracking Mode (with Serious Sam) and Cockpit Mode (with Radial G).

Whilst the demo Rotos we were using were 'old' versions, we still created a real buzz at the event and met with movie theatre companies, games developers, arcade owners and technology companies.

I was also a speaker at the event and was excited to share my thoughts on why seated VR is always going to be more prevalent than standing experiences. Roto really does make sense for anyone developing or consuming seated VR - it solves inherent problems such as cables tangling whilst also massively enhacing the experience with numerous innovatve ways of exploring 360 content as well as adding haptic feedback.

A big thanks to ULG - we're super excited to be working with you:)

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