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The Roto VR Desktop supports keyboard and laptops (please close during use if playing action games with motion controllers).


The non-slip surface desktop also includes padded slots (holes) for motion controllers.

Roto VR Desktop


The Roto VR Deskop supports most keyboards and laptops.

The horizontal bar slides in-and-out for adjustable comfort settings.

The non-slip table surface rotates around for relative ease of getting in-and-out of the chair via a spring-loaded pull-out knob at the rear. There are additional padded slots (holes) to stow motion controllers.

For the ultimate set-up, we suggest to add the Tablettes accessory which offers additonal surface area for a mouse.  We also highly recommend the Baskets which gives additional flexibility to stow items such as the HMD or other accessories such as gamepads.

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