The TOTAL Roto VR package includes:

  • Roto VR Chair
  • Roto VR Headtracker
  • Roto VR Touch Pedals
  • Roto VR Tablettes (for HOTAS)
  • Roto VR Double Simulator Pack
  • Roto VR Advanced Cable Magazine
  • Roto VR Emergency Button
  • Roto VR Control Box
  • Roto VR Desktop
  • Roto VR Racing Pack
  • Roto VR Basket


Note: does not include VR headset, steering wheel or joystick accessories.


We will soon make our recommendations on which steering wheel best suits Roto (in our view). Please keep updated in our NEWS section. 


If you intend to use Roto VR for commerical purposes, we strongly advise the Business Edition which offers a 1-year warranty for commerical use.

Please understand, we are trying to sell Roto as low cost as possible to all types of customers, but business usage is likely to cause more stress on the product, so we need to cover the additional cost of supporting business usage. We are therefore sorry to say, the consumer warranty is voided if you are using Roto for commercial use.

Total Roto VR Package (USD $2,499)


The Roto VR package will be delivered in three cartons.


Carton 1: 75cm x 75cm x 45cm
Roto VR Base: 70cm x 70cm x 35cm. Weight: 15Kg
Roto VR Headtracker: 4cm x 4cm x 1.8cm
Roto VR Touch Pedals
Advanced Cable Magazine

Roto Control Box


Carton 2: 60cm x 55cm x 50cm
Roto Chair: 60cm x 55cm x 50cm. Weight 15Kg

Arm rests




Carton 3: 70cm x 30cm x 30cm
Roto VR Racing Pack: Weight 6Kg
Roto VR Tablettes: Weight 5Kg

Roto VR Simulator Pack 0.5Kg



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