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Meet the Team

Over 20 years experience creating, manufacturing and selling award-winning products in the video games industry. Responsible for development and manufacture of the leading games accessory brand in Europe called Gamester, which included products such as the first Force Feedback steering wheel. Founded UK games publishing company in 2002 and created the first 3D games controller called Gametrak and published Real World Golf, a top 3 PlayStation title with Atari and Sony as distribution partners. Exited to PDP (the world's largest games accessory company) in 2008.
Elliott Myers


Jan Senior Finance and Strategy Executive with broad international and industry experience. Specialities include corporate finance, strategic decision support, strategy formulation, target setting, change management, project management, ERP (SAP) implementation, process design, reorganisation, outsourcing.
Jan Fabritius


Christoff is  the Developer Relations Manager at RotoVR. He has been working in the virtual training industry for 5 years and in VR since the launch of Oculus DK2. He studied BIS Multimedia at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Christoff is responsible for Roto VR's  SDK development and developer support.
Christoff Steenkamp

Developer Relations Manager

A proven track record in Far Eastern manufacture, strategic brand marketing, design and cost engineering within the games, electronic, collectible & promotions industries. Gavin runs GW Development Ltd, a Hong Kong based company providing services including manufacturing, quality control and shipping for blue chip customers such as Activision, Ubisoft, Castrol BP, Hasbro, Mattel, Spinmaster and Chick-Fil-A.
Gavin Waxkirsh


Eriks has a background rich with experience in the warehouse and global logistics trade. Working for one of the world’s largest retailers, he assisted with the operations and logistics. His expertise is in cost reduction and turnaround efficiency, some of his achievements include developing a retail/packing warehouse from scratch.
Eriks Kuzovs

Operations and Logistics Manager

Sam is responsible for running all of our social media platforms, which he has done for various companies in the past, as well as organising our attendance at large conventions, something that he has done previously for the gaming and music industries. Prior to working as a Community Manager, he has worked in influencer management and has worked with all of the large influencers on YouTube and Instagram, as well as in marketing for brands such as Activision, IGG, Gameloft and Adobe.
Sam Barkaway

Business Development Manager

Brad Channer


Jo is our Office Manager and PA to Elliott. Jo has been an office manager for almost a decade, and has worked both within large corporations in the City, such as Warner Music as well as start up companies.
Joanna Miller

Office Manager and PA

Consultant and Founder & CEO of Eight Cylinders Inc., a game and broadband content authoring tools company acquired by in 2000 and subsequently Google. Founder of Massive In-Game Advertising, acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Founder & CEO of Boom In-Game Music, The company was acquired by LiveGamer Inc in 2008. Mr. Middleton has held executive leadership roles in digital content (Madefire) within game publishing (Pulse Entertainment) and game hardware (Mad Catz) during a career spanning +20 years in the video game industry.
Jon Middleton

Business Development Consultant

Andrew Wolfson is CEO of Pembroke VCT and sits on the board of a number of Pembroke’s investments. Prior to becoming CEO, Andrew worked with a number Oakley’s small company portfolio companies including KX, Tom Aikens and James Perse. Before joining Oakley, Andrew ran a number of businesses working across a breadth of sectors from hospitality to manufacturing and telecoms. Andrew is also a director of Benesco Charity Limited.
Andrew Wolfson


Rebekah is the main point of contact for all our customers' queries. She has over 10 years of customer service and continuous improvement experience. Has worked for large companies such as ASOS and Disney, as well as smaller start up companies.
Rebekah Ward

Customer Support Manager

Advisor to investors, publishers, developers, hardware companies, marketing agencies, law firms and accounting practices. Part of Sony's team that launched PlayStation back in 1995. Founded software developer and took to IPO for $30m in 1999.  Board director of motion gaming company sold in 2008. Games and technology industry CEO/COO, have worked in both Europe and USA, and also had extensive exposure to the Japanese market.
Harry Holmwood

Commercial Consultant

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