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Power up your Quest 2 with Roto

Interactive 360° VR chair for a head turning price of $699.

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Total VR immersion for all games and VR experiences.

  • Motorised 360° chair

  • Patented Look & Turn technology

  • Haptic feedback

  • Pass-through Cable Magazines for power and data

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Next level VR immersion

Deposit $30 USD now to get:

  • Secure your $699 price

  • Free shipping (USA & UK)

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Motorised Chair

Let Roto do the work! Inside the Roto base is a powerful motor that turns you 360° up to 22.5rpm. The motor can be controlled in a number of ways including our patented Headtracking technology which intuitively turns the chair to where you look. The motor can also be controlled by an application using our freely available development tools, or directly by a games controller such as a gamepad, joystick or steering wheel.

Headtracking technology

Clip the Roto Headtracker to your Quest 2 headset (for example) and the Roto VR chair will turn you to wherever you look as if by magic. It's so intuitive, you don't need to think or do anything - it just works! And the result is as thrilling as it is transformative for 360 gaming. The feeling is sheer FREEDOM because you can explore the metaverse effortlessly and without needing to use artificial controls such as teleportation which is illusion breaking. Roto's hands-free method of locomotion means you can relax and intuitively watch a 360 movie or shoot, paint or even type whilst simultaneously exploring.

Haptics through your entire body​
ROTO-VR-Chair-simpled-2021 c_edited_edit

Haptic feedback in your hands through the Quest 2 motion controllers is great, but it is so much better when you can feel it reveberating through your entire body.

Powered by strong haptics, sound is re-imagined as visceral sensations that literally bring content to life, delivering a more immersive experience.

Deposit $30 USD now and get:


  • Secure your $699 price

  • Free shipping (USA & UK)

  • Be first to receive Roto Elite

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No tangling wires

Inside the Roto base is a Cable Magazine which transmits power and data through the chair as you spin 360° continuously. No more battery-life woes for Quest 2! The Cable Magazine also supports USB devices including other VR headsets, steering wheels and joysticks etc. The Cable Magazine is upgradeable which future proofs the product. We are anticipating PSVR2 will be USB-C 3.0, which will be an available upgrade at launch.​ Roto Elite will ship with a basic Cable Magazine which supports power and USB2.0.

360° foot rest

Put your feet up. You can't pretend to be fully immersed in a space-ship if your feet are scuttling around a swivel chair.

ROTO-VR-Chair-simpled-2021 c.252 optimised.png
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Safety Guard

Roto has many in-built safety features that you can't see.  These tinted covers over the chair legs are distinctly visible and are designed to protect the users' feet (or pets) during use.