A Little bit about us...

Founder Elliott Myers has been creating award winning gaming products for 25 years, including the first 3D games controller called Gametrak, the first force feedback wheel and joystick and many more.

In London 2015 we set out to solve the problems of engaging with 360° content whilst seated, such as motion sickness, wire tangle and moving around seamlessly through an infinite digital world. In 2020 we launched our Roto 1 to over 65 countries and received 5 star reviews for both our product and customer service.

Over the past 18 months we have re-engineered our patented solution to be more cost effective and versatile for home and office environments and now we are excited to be launching our 2nd generation technology at an incredible price.

our mission

We will soon be living in a fully augmented world. Our mission is to help build that future.