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Our freely available Unity SDK unlocks additional features for genuine game-changing possibilities. ROTO's bi-directional motor functionality combined with bi-directional yaw tracking (of both the user's head and body), together will access to almost every kind of control device, opens up exciting opportunities for creativity. Below are some examples of how ROTO can transform your game.

A wonderfully immersive VR experience



Utilize our free SDK to align the virtual seat with the user's actual seat. While current cockpit games assume a forward-facing user, the true power of VR lies in full 360-degree experiences. Unlock new possibilities for immersive gaming with ROTO.


Exploring VR in the first-person using snap-turns and teleportation can feel jarring. By contrast, ROTO's Head-Tracker physically turns the user in the direction they look, providing for smooth locomotion and without inducing nausea. Using our SDK, you can also sync ROTO's  orientation to the in-game avatar. Both methods offer novel and transformative experiences.


In crafting a 360-degree story narrative in VR, a challenge arises in not having control over the user's camera, potentially causing them to miss crucial events. ROTO's SDK resolves this by enabling real-time force-turning of the user at a given time of event. Similarly, predefined collisions or shunts in, for instance, a racing game, can be triggered contextually, enhancing the overall experience.


Using our SDK, developers, movie directors, real estate companies, and even museums can help guide users through pre-defined 360° journeys such as a cinematic flight through an asteroid field. Users can simply kick back and enjoy the immersive ride.


ROTO's bi-directional motor introduces exciting gameplay possibilities. For instance, a user can take direct control of another user's ROTO for collaborative or competitive play. With the capability to locally connect 126 ROTOs simultaneously, the possibilities are endless for out-of-home installations.


Our Mixed Reality Desktop supports keyboards and laptops, which combined with our versatile hands-free methods of locomotion, delivers seamless productivity in 360-degrees. Programmers can type whilst simultaneously roaming around the very worlds they are building.