Frequently Asked Questions


How fast does the motor turn?

22 rpm without loading. Slows to approx 18 rpm with loading of 120 kg

Will the motor speed limit slow down my gameplay?

Actually, the speed at which you turn your head, which is the critical speed for VR gameplay, is not affected by Roto.

How much weight can Roto VR chair support?

Roto has been designed to support up to 250kg

Which VR headsets does the Roto VR chair support?

Roto has been built for long term compatibility with the interchangeable and upgradeable Cable Magazines at the heart of its design. The following headsets are currently supported: Oculus CV1, Quest 1, Quest 2 HTC Vive Coming soon: HTC Vive Pro Valve Index Note, if you have a VR-Ready laptop and the Roto VR Desktop (accessory), you can connect any VR or AR device your laptop. Please be careful with an open laptop - we suggest you close it during use with any action games.

What VR software does Roto VR support?

Roto VR supports all software.

What power consumption is required for Roto?

A single switch-mode power supply (input 110V-240V, output 24V 11Amps) is supplied with each Roto.

What colour chairs are available?

At launch we are only offering one design (black and grey) which we hope will belong in most environments. More chair colours and designs will follow.

How much space will I need to use the Roto VR chair?

At its widest (with the racing pack attached) we would recommend a diameter of 6 feet (2m). For general use, a diameter of 4 feet should be more than enough.

How long will my order take to arrive?

If you are based in the UK or US, you can usually expect your order to arrive within 3-5 business days. For other delivery countries, we aim to deliver in the same time, however delays may occur due to any customs or international shipping delays. If you have a question regarding your delivery, please contact the team on with your order number and they can look into this for you.

What delivery company do you use?

All of our orders are shipped via UPS. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with your tracking number and tracking link.

How will my Roto arrive?

Roto arrives in 2-3 boxes. Box 1 contains your base, Box 2 contains the seat and if you have ordered our accessories bundle, you will receive Box 3 containing the accessories.
For more in depth information into the items included in your boxes, please click here to view our setup manual