We're actively looking for partners to help introduce ROTO into a wide variety of markets and applications. Please get in touch if ROTO can help support your business or expand our reach.

I found ROTO to be an easy-to-use, intuitive solution to encouraging greater immersion in VR that can be adapted to both the consumer and business world

Jeremy Dalton, Head of VR for PWC

Please get in touch if you would like to partner with us:


We are building a network of distribution partners across the globe.


ROTO is an ideal demo pod for instore VR demonstrations and is also packaged up in a single box for retail sales.


We are offering an attractive kick-back for any affiliate sales.


If you'd like to review or feature ROTO please get in touch.

Out of home

ROTO has been designed for the home and office, but if you are looking for a more sturdy solution for an arcade or public installation, please contact us for more information.


VR is a powerful tool in the pursuit of training staff in a wide variety of tasks. Physical space can be a limiting factor when creating a suite for multiple users, especially if they need to stand during use. ROTO offers a safe and versatile ecosystem with a small physical footprint for optimized use with any kind of VR application.

ROTO also powers the VR headset during use, alleviating battery issues, which forms part of the necessary foundation from which engaging applications can be applied.


Our original ROTO has been embraced by over 80 universities worldwide, predominantly in STEM suites. We designed the new ROTO VR Explorer to be more compact, affordable and versatile to broaden appeal into classrooms.

As ROTO's Mixed Reality Desktop supports a physical keyboard, we are excited to see how ROTO is used and what creative application students might unleash with it.


ROTO technology can help assess vestibular diagnoses, and we're actively working towards an FDA-approved solution in the future. Please contact us if you're interested in collaborating or learning more.