Meta, Horizons, GTA and early Xmas discount!

So much news!  Where to begin.

Let's start with the future of mankind.  Facebook have committed their future to building the metaverse.  We watched the Oculus Connect presentation with great interest and excitement as Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision - a vibrant and joyous digital universe where everyone can participate in a huge range of interests and activities.  It was possibly the most impressive marketing presentation we've ever seen - a huge effort was expended - which backs up their position of being fully committed.  And to leave no doubt, they even changed their name to Meta.

Just as impressive were the technology updates and interjects throughout the presentation, offering us a real insight as to their ongoing efforts to realise the dream.  We are super excited, we love it  - and are eternally grateful, for our industry needs this kind of commitment from a hugely talented team tasked to solve the big technical challenges ahead and without funding restrictions.

Horizon is the name of their 'Oasis', where much of the magic will happen.

What does this mean for us at Roto?  Well, hopefully quite a lot.

We totally buy into Facebook's vision - and if the metaverse is to be an alternate reality to the physical one we live in today, then many of the activities will actually be the same (albeit far more fantastical).

For example, we will still watch movies, work, play games, browse and shop online etc.  Today most people sit to do these activities.  Human nature isn't going to change.

And Roto is hands down (or up) the best way to experience VR whilst seated.  Especially with our Headtracking technology where Roto auto-turns you to wherever you look (its magical if you haven't tried it - and hugely useful).  Roto also massively enhances the experience with haptic (vibration) feedback.  And there's much more too.

So Roto is already built for the upcoming metaverse.  Bring it on!

But no need to wait!  There's plenty to do in VR already - if you're in any doubt, we are excited to share that GTA is coming to the Oculus Quest 2 (soon).  And as with pretty much all content, Roto will massively add practical and experiential value (and fun) to GTA - arguably the best game of all time.  We can't wait.

GTA is coming to Oculus Quest 2 soon

And more good news.  Our replenishment stocks from the Far East are arriving imminently.  Be sure to place your order with us as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.

And because we know we won't be able to get more stocks in time for Xmas, we have decided to offer our planned Xmas discount early.

Enter this code below at checkout to receive a 20% Xmas discount now.   All orders will come complete with our accessories bundle pack (we don't make or sell wheels or joysticks, so please don't expect those).  Hurry though, this is a one time offer.  First come first served.

In addition to credit cards and PayPal, we can now offer payment terms through our partner companies:

  • Paypal: Pay-in-3
  • Sezzle: Pay over 6 weeks
  • Laybuy : Pay over 6 weeks

Plus as we're now FCA registered, Klarna will soon be added, offering interest free payments spread over 12 months.  If you have an urgent request for Klarna, please email us at

That's it for now.  Exciting times ahead for VR and the metaverse.  Thanks for reading.

Elliott and Team Roto

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Meta, Horizons, GTA and early Xmas discount!

Meta, Horizons, GTA and early Xmas discount!

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A message from our CEO