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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

As the world of VR is ever expanding, it can be hard to keep up with all of the day to day news from the VR world. 

Every couple of weeks, we’ll be rounding up our favourite VR stories from the past fortnight, as well as update you with any Roto news and updates.

VR in Social Care

Carrying on from the previous article, VR has also started to be used by the Social Care sector, which carers can use to continue support for families, teams or individuals for respite, supervised contact, therapeutic sessions, as well as much more. 

This was originally reported in Prolific North, and you can read the article here

Oculus Go

It’s recently been announced that Facebook will no longer be supporting the Oculus Go from December onwards. 

A brilliant little starter headset, we’re sad to see its support end, but we can’t wait to see what Facebook has in store for the future of the Oculus headsets. 

You can read more on this in the story by TechRadar here.

Apple AR and VR kit

We also found out this week that Apple are working on their own AR and VR kit, however it is not expected to be available on the market for the next few years. 

We’re excited to see what they can do with it. Will it stand up to the current VR giants in Oculus and HTC? 

You can read more about this in the article from The Verge here.

Wind Turbine Safety

Virtual Reality is not just for gaming, as Glasgow Caledonian University has recently discovered. They have made a VR simulator, which can help wind turbine mechanics with their emergency procedures, hopefully reducing the number of accidents while on the turbine. 

This story was written by the team at FutureScot, and you can read it here.

VR Game Announcements 

Finally, the guys at VR Focus have recently released their VR Game Launch Roundup, showcasing quite a few new games. 

If you’d like to check out which titles they’re featuring, then you can click here.

That’s all for this week’s VR News Roundup. We’ll be back in a couple of weeks’ time, with some more interesting VR news stories. 

If you’ve found a VR story, and you’d like to share it with us, you can get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

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